Companies can now assign URLs to their online profiles within Comfacts: the Social Media Directory

December 26, 2012

Companies can now assign specialized links for their corporate social media accounts by visiting their company page on Comfacts: the Social Media Directory, a service provided by News2u.Inc.

Companies registered at Comfacts: the Social Media Directory are provided with a free Corporate Information page and a Social Media Account page. They can either register account information themselves or approve accounts that have been submitted by end users, as well as assign these links a special company URL.

Sample URL for a company that has not approved their SNS accounts:
Sample URL for a company that has approved their SNS accounts:

Companies are free to customize these URLs to include their business or brand name, but are unable to assign the address for each of their social media accounts.

Comfacts encourages corporate users to verify this information so that users can easily identify these companies' social media accounts. Besides these specialized URLs, Comfacts is offering a "Company Bulletin Board" exclusively to verified companies. This is an official online space where companies can list and showcase their official social media profiles and corporate information, such as a 200 word description, a 250x250 pixel image, and up to 5 links.

About The Social Media Registry "Comfacts"

The name "Comfacts" was coined from the words "comfort" and "facts." The registry was created to offer corporations a way to control the authenticity of their social media accounts. In this new environment, both general users and corporations can comfortably collaborate.

About News2u Inc.
News2u Inc. was founded in February 2012 as a subsidiary of News2u Corporation.