Comfacts the Social Media Registry has a new feature: Now companies can create a tab that allows users to see each of their social media assets at the same time!

November 7, 2012


News2u Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of internet PR company News2u Corporation, has launched an innovative new feature: you can see all social media updates for one company on a single page at Comfacts the Social Media Registry.

·The Social Media Registry Comfacts:

Social media is increasingly a vital tool for communication. But it is also a minefield laden with serious issues for corporations: parody accounts, closely named accounts, impostor accounts, and inactive, left-over accounts. Until now, no one has ever created a public space for general users to verify corporations' official accounts, and for corporations to publicly display their official social media pages.

Born in May 2012, Comfacts the Social Media Registry is a user-generated directory of official branded social media accounts. It is a product of collaboration between internet users and corporations. Anyone in the general public, as well as company representatives and employees, can create a Comfacts account, to be verified and updated by the corporation.

The latest feature "News Room" allows users to see a corporation's news releases and the newest social media activities in a single page, without opening every social media platform individually. This breakthrough technology enables a corporation to offer information based on multiple perspectives and alters corporate attitudes toward social media.

As they offer users the latest news, corporations can manage information transmitted through all platforms.

News Room is an ASP service that aggregates the latest activities from various social media platforms and news releases on a single page for each company.

In addition to the SNS Account List tab and the Corporate Information tab, companies in Comfacts Social Media Registry are provided with a "Company Bulletin Board" where they can freely upload their hottest information. By logging in, companies can post information for users who access Comfacts.

New Room is available for $350 per month after a 90-day trial period. The pre-existing official account list is free to use even after the trial period.

■About Comfacts Social Media Registry

The name "Comfacts" was coined from the words "comfort" and "facts." The registry was created to offer corporations a way to control the accuracy of their social media accounts. In this new and unique online space, both general users and corporations can comfortably collaborate.

●Main features

  • ·After going through a simple registration process, general users can add corporate social media accounts which are not yet registered with Comfacts
  • ·Social media managers, having verified their official accounts in the SNS Account List with Comfacts, can use their Company Bulletin Board as an information platform
  • ·Corporations can further upgrade their listing by offering all of their official account updates aggregated on a single page

News2u Corporation, through News2u Inc., will continue to provide innovative planning and development for the online PR activities of global corporations.

About News2u Inc.
News2u Inc. was founded in February 2012 as a subsidiary of News2u Corporation.